Christina Nick is having a solo art show in Pau, France

The show runs from 18-24 December, 2017, at the Chapelle de la Perseverance 

The closing reception on December 23 starting at 17h will feature music, Christmas festivities, and some interactive art components. This is an art show not to be missed! 


I maintain two sculpture and painting studios, one in the South West of France and the other in the South West of Canada. In both studios I draw, paint, use a printmaking press to create etchings and relief prints, and carve wood, stone, use mixed media and weld steel. Much of my artwork is large and the pieces are meant to be confrontational and thought provoking. I gain insight into the countries and regions I live in and find so much to comment on in my artwork. This website was created in order to feature my three dimensional sculptures...mostly works in welded steel, along with a few other media mixed in.



Please check out my archival artworks to understand more of where I am coming from at


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Christina Nick | Box 100 Brackendale, BC V0N 1H0 | France 0672705740